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Spid The Spider - Profile PictureSpid Waving


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Hiya, I’m Spid. Spid the Spider, I am a decent, honest hardworking spider who knows what is right from what is wrong, I understand good from bad and always try to be a better spider, even when I am tempted not to be.

I have a girlfriend called Bid, one day I would like to marry her, but at the moment, I cannot afford to, but will when I can afford it.

I live alone in a house at the top of a hill, and I love reading newspapers.

My favourite way to relax is to go to Weatherspids and have a Waspburger and French flies, or perhaps a Stick Insect salad, with a glass of Spider-Cider, but do not let me have an Arachno-Cola, that gives me a very bad tummy. Pooooh…….


  • I have lots of uncles, cousins and friends.
  • As hard as I try, I do not always get anything right.
  • I always get sorted out in the end!!

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  1. Spid the Spider: Is having a Day Off.  Spid is off to see his cousins and friends on his day off, but it doesn’t go as planned
  2. Spid the Spider: is doing his bit for the Environment. Spid and his friends try to save the Environment
  3. Spid the Spider: is on his motorbike, like EasySpider. Spid has a new motorbike, and is keen to learn to ride.
  4. Spid the Spider: is going on holiday. Spid is going to Spidwell on Sea, to see his uncle Sir Spidley Spidden, but does he get there?
  5. Spid the Spider: is off to be a Spidway Rider. Spid takes a lesson in riding a Spidway  bike, and ends up team captain
  6. Spid the Spider: is going to Spidmere Lake with Bid. A lovely holiday with his girlfriend but does it turn out that way
  7. Spid the Spider: is digging for Magic Money. Spid tries to make money by growing it on trees, but does he make money!
  8. Spid the Spider: is getting ready for Spidmas Day. Spid meets Father Spidmas up his chimney, then has to do some work
  9. Spid the Spider: is trying to win the Cricket Cup. Spid is in another battle to see who can win the Cricket Cup
  10. .Spid the Spider: Is visiting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Spid is dreaming of Ancient times, and then fly’s off  to that time/
  11. Spid the Spider:Is writing a song for  a Happy New Year. Spid and friends want to see the New Year in with his new song ‘Spid Rap’
  12. Spid the Spider: Is making a Freudian Slip. Spid learns Psychology and with the help of his girlfriend Bid, and some Arachno-Cola, catches two hoody robbers
  13. Spid the Spider: Iss going to be a Spy Catcher. Spid applies to be a Spy Catcher and catches a Spy Master instead.
  14. Spid the Spider: Is going to the Moon and meets the Cheezy Feet Moonster. How did Mr Cheezy Feet become a a moonster and how did he get to the moon, and what advice did Spid give him?

Books to come

  • Spid The Spider; Is applying to be a Spy.  Spid apply s to the new government to be a Spy-der, a new  double O web     en
  • Spid the Spider: Is going to School. Spid is invited back to a class reunion
  • Spid the Spider: is going to the Moon. Spid is flying high and is the first Spid on the Moon
  • Spid the Spider: Is going to a Fete. Spid looks forward to the annual summer fete.
  • Spid the Spider: Is visiting the Spid that saved Robert the Bruce . Spid gets an offer to see from Spid McSpider 


Here are Spid’s family, friends, foes, and people he knows!

Bid : Spid’s long-time girlfriend (who he would marry when he could afford it),

  • Cousins: Rid and Stid, both have very long legs
  • Herman the Harvestman, a bit smelly but he’s all right, has got a sense of humour!
  • Cleverley Evaleigh, his bestest friend

His environmental chums:

  • Diver Bell,
  • Sid the Sea Spider,
  • Fred the Flying Spider,
  • Parson the

Ace mechanic (if you cannot afford a real one):

  • Spider Ryder,

Financial adviser:

  • Cousin Marvin

Spid’s very rich and famous uncle

  • Sir Spiddon

His cricket legends:

  • Tyler Spid,
  • Leightspid
  • Martyspid
  • Striker

His once a year friend and reindeer:

  • Father Spidmas and Dollop

Spid’s Spidway Coach:

  • Murray von Spid

and Spid’s Arch-foes: The Spidwell Spinners

  • Hairy Spid
  • Scary Spid
  • Starey Spid
  • Darey Spid
  • Lairy Spid

Moon Spids

  • Sir Richard Branston Pickle
  • Queenie, the Ginormous Cow
  • Spid O’Spid
  • Mr Cheezy Feet


and listening to music, called


Music that has something about spiders in every song. I have my own song, listen to this.




Hi there my name is Spid

Arachno-child, super kid

As cool as the arctic, from Malmo, not Madrid

Can’t be contained, got no lid,

got more charge than the national grid


I’m Spid, Spid ,

watch what I do and what I did

always looking for an extra quid

stroke my ego, feel my ID


Spids smarter by the hour

As good looking as a flower

Eats up energy, burns up power

If I was a building, I’d be a tower

When they say low, I go lower.


I’m Spid, Spid ,

watch what I do and what I did

always looking for an extra quid

stroke my ego, feel my ID


Spid-rap is in the name,

another Spid-rap music, another Spid-rap game

other Spid-rap songs, cut short and shot down in flames

see you in court, when you make your claims

when I’m out, I’ll sing it again.


Everybody sing:

I’m Spid, Spid ,

watch what I do and what I did

always looking for an extra quid

stroke my ego, feel my ID.





Spid has nine adventures in each easy read children’s books, designed to enable fathers to read to children primarily, as they normally leave reading to mothers, and my experience was that the books available were not exciting enough for fathers to read, so this is an attempt to build a market that females can also read, but males would find it easier to read to their children, age range really 4-8 years old. They are simple excitement, humour, has a moral and a guide between right and wrong. The length of the book is around 15-20 minutes, enough to get the child’s mind  ready for bed. They all have drawings for children who want to read the book themselves. I wrote them for my granddaughter, but they have a wider appeal I believe.