The HOME and its staff shall avoid any act which may bring The organisation into disrepute or diminish The trust and confidence of its Clients, Registering Authorities, Professional Colleagues, Agencies and The Public.

The HOME shall administer The Home in a proper and safe manner, in accordance Good Practice, Social Service and Health Authority guidelines.

The HOME will keep proper records as required by Government and Registering Authorities. Its record keeping will be in excess of minimum requirements.

The HOME guarantees payment of Personal Allowance to Clients and practices maximum integrity in all financial transactions to safeguard its reputation.

The HOME Homes shall be clean, safe and maintained to a good order.


The HOME recognises The need to have a happy, relaxed atmosphere offering sanctuary from anxiety and stress. The management and staff providing as high a quality of life as possible.


The HOME will give opportunity for our Clients to make decisions for Themselves wherever possible, also decisions which may entail The acceptance by The Client and carer of a degree of risk. Clients are encouraged to promote any self-care which may be necessary, to enhance Their independence in The community.


The HOME Homes will have a system of managing and recording medication. Where independent living is imminent self medication will be encouraged. The system in use will be acceptable to The Registering Authority involved.


The HOME has a system for arranging Doctor, Day-care and Outpatient appointments. Clients are entitled to retain Their own Doctor if this is geographically possible. In The event of physical illness, The care given in The Home will be commensurate with The ability of The Home to care adequately whilst complying with The Registering Authorities requirements.

Any Client is entitled to private consultation with Doctors where appropriate, though The HOME needs to be involved in The day to day health care of Their Clients in order to be able to monitor health, with The help of support and care.


The HOME, unless The situation dictates, requires prospective Clients to visit The Home and to be given an opportunity to familiarise Themselves before making a commitment. A trial period of one month is usual with The new Client. Terms and Conditions of residency are set out clearly to all Clients.


The HOME visitors will be welcome at any reasonable time if The Client wishes to see Them. We advise visitors to check prior to arriving that The Client is available.


The HOME provides a nourishing and varied menu with special diets provided as necessary. A copy of menu is available for inspection.


The HOME advises that a Solicitor be contacted where necessary. In minor needs we will provide advocacy and advice regarding Clients welfare, benefits and other situations where no other help can be found.


The HOME will ensure that all information of a confidential nature gained through The course of work, will not be divulged to a third party, without The consent of The Client.


The HOME believes Privacy is an important part of its care practice. Unnecessary invasion of privacy is an intrusion. Staff are made aware of The Homes expectations through its induction and training processes.


The HOME believes Clients will be put at ease if They are asked how They like to be addressed, and have explained to Them how other Clients and staff are addressed.


The HOME Clients emotional needs are many and varied. The Clients own thoughts and beliefs should be respected wherever possible, each Client being treated as an individual, with support being offered as necessary. We believe this to be a primary function.

The HOME is an equal opportunity carer and employer, No discrimination of any sort will be practiced.


The HOME Clients require careful care planning, and we believe The Client should be involved wherever possible. This will need to be reviewed at set intervals and where Their relevant Case Manager, Nurse, Social Worker, Key Worker, Relative or Involved Agency input views. The main focus of our planning is The monthly Multi-Disciplinary meetings.


The HOME will take all reasonable steps to ensure that staff employed have no previous history which would be inconsistent with a caring profession, all prospective staff are interviewed and supply references. All staff have a probationary period to gauge suitability.


The HOME requires a varying degree of staffing to meet The needs of our care group. Flexible working allows evening and weekend activities to take place.

The HOME recognises The need for training programmes allowing staff to keep up to date with current thinking. Both formal and informal Education and In-House training will be sought.


The HOME recognises The need for training programmes allowing staff to keep up to date with current thinking. Both formal and informal Education and In House training will be sought


The HOME has a complaints procedure which is posted in The entrance halls of each Home. It makes clear what actions to take and who to complain to.


The HOME encourages Clients to speak for Themselves, either directly, via group meetings, through relatives, by staff or other involved person.


The HOME Clients are encouraged to use local facilities, Churches, Sports and Day Centres, Dentists, Hairdressers, Chiropodists, et al. Many of These services also are available in The Home.


The HOME encourages Clients to have reasonable access within The Home and view sympathetically requests to use The facilities that are available.

Companionship is encouraged, but The privacy of Clients in Their own rooms is also respected.


The HOME encourages Clients to help make decisions about how The Home is run, weekly meetings and individual comments are vehicles to allow Their ideas to be expressed.

If, however, There is a disruptive element at The HOME; The Clients should be given The opportunity to voice Their concerns, in private, if necessary to Managers and Professionals


The HOME complies with The Care Standards Act 2000 as amended, and complies with The Registering Authorities requirements. Where practical it is our aim to improve on our Registration Requirements