Where Multi-Disciplinary Agencies are working independently of each other, the forum for communication will be the most convenient and practicable venue available at the time.

The Home will where available, send a senior member of staff to other meetings where The Homes Residents are discussed. Where staff are not available, information should be sent to the meeting regarding our view of matters of concern.

Those residents who express a wish to leave The Home, and do this through various agencies; should be have the request referred to the Monthly Multi-

Disciplinary Meeting where the relevant professionals can assess the situation and act accordingly. This will not affect those whose needs are immediate and require urgent action.

t is acknowledged that some residents may instigate action that may be detremental to their placement. Where Professionals are involved, in order to prevent a multiple manipulation of Agencies, information should be fed back to the The Home monthly Multi-Disciplinary Meeting, where a coordinated response will aid resolution of the problem.

The Central Professional involved in Community Care is the General Practicioner, with all other professional input important components, offering Support Services and Professional Advice