Where the Transfer or Discharge is agreed between involved Agencies, Resident, Relatives or Advocates and The Home then the Transfer should take place and no further action is required.

If there is a dispute between any of the interested parties, then the following procedure should be adopted:

  • A full discussion should take place between The Home and one or more of the relevant agencies as follows : Doctor, Consultant Psychiatrist, Community Care Manager, Social Worker, C.P.N., Probation Officer, Resident, involved Relatives and Advocates.
  • If the situation is not resolved then a full case discussion should be arranged with the Social Service and/or Health Authority Officers, and any other interested parties.
  • The monthly The Homes Multi-Disciplinary meeting should be the meeting venue unless otherwise agreed.

A decision should be reached and implemented as the situation requires.

  • This Policy only applies in full when Registering Authorities have been involved in the Admission, Discharge or Transfer of the resident to the Home. If the Registering Authority is likely to have a future input then they should be involved.
  • Private residents may not wish Social Workers, C.P.Ns or other agencies to be involved in their private arrangements and when a dispute arises between the private resident, The Home or a relative. In general, this wish should be respected.
  • Where necessary, in Private residents interests, the Registering Authority will only be called with the agreement of the resident or relative unless The Homeis seriously concerned for the welfare and safety of the resident, or when it has a statutory duty to do so.

These should be clear and in accordance with good Professional Practice