The Manager/Owner who is the Person in Control has overall Responsibility for the actions and Activities that happen within the Home.

Actions and Activities may be delegated the others where knowledge, experience and appropriateness are applicable.

Each Individual is responsible for their actions and activities as defined within their Job Description.

The Home operates a Key Worker System and staff will be allocated residents for Care input. This means each member of staff will have specific responsibilities to certain residents but does not mean to the determent of others, so where there is a need and a carer is available are available, that clients needs are catered for.

At no time will any individual take on responsibilities beyond their role, experience or knowledge level.

Any issues that are not understood by the individual are to be passed to the appropriate person for guidance.

Managers will meet with staff on a regular basis and review their training, development needs and their progress within the Home.

Managers will meet on a regular basis and report on actions and activities and address any issues that need improving on.

Care staff will meet with Managers on a two monthly basis or more where appropriate to address any issues brought to light, and conversely bring to the attention of the Care staff any issues that may need discussion and improvement.

At any time, where issues are raised, individual one to one meetings will take place with the view for improvement in performance or training needs to resolve situations.

Each member of staff should know who their immediate Manager is and if there are issues they should be raised with that Manager. Where there are serious concerns that affect the welfare of a client then it may be necessary to inform the most senior Manager immediately. This must not be an excuse for not going through procedure.

An Organisational Chart is available to show the Management Structure of the Home and this is found in the office.

Where issues fail to be resolved, a Staff Improvement Advice Form will be used for corrective actions. Where the issues are deeper and more fundamental, Disciplinary Action may be taken to seek improvement. This may range from a Verbal Warning, to a Written Warning to Instant Dismissal in extreme cases. Min

The aim of supervision is to provide a regular opportunity for staff members with their manager to:



¨ Reflect on content and process of their work

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ develop understanding and skills within their work

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ receive another perspective concerning their work

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ be valued and supported both as a person and as a worker

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ ensure that as a person and as a worker they are not left to carry unnecessary difficulties and problems alone

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ have space to explore and express personal views in confidence

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ be able to plan and utilise personal and professional resources

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ develop the ability to be pro-active rather than reactive

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

¨ ensure job satisfaction and quality of work

Discussed Yes [ ] No [ ]

I have discussed the above issues with my Manager

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