The aim of this section is to enable Homes without full policies to incorporate these policies, alter and add to meet the aims of the individual Home

Statement of Facilities.

Aims and Objectives

Personal Profile

Quality Assurance Survey

Personal Allowance / Tobacco Chart

Assessment Forms

DSS Fee Form (Nursing/Residential/Social Support)


Application for Employment

Application Letter

Reference Form

Checklist for Interviews

Interview Questionnaire

Successful Applicant Letter

Unsuccessful Applicant Letter

Induction Programme

Induction and Foundation Programmes

Staff Contracts: Permanent/Provisional/Temporary

Advice on the Acceptance of Gifts

Job Descriptions

Registered Nurse in Charge

Nurse Administrator/ Senior Nurse

Senior Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistant

Annual Leave Arrangement

Staff Salary Form

Staff Joint Appraisal

Staff Improvement Advice Form

Disciplinary Policy including Form

Procedure for Absence or Absence due to Sickness

Sickness, Lateness and Absence Form

Risk Policy

Bank Credit Autopay Form

Holiday Policy

G.P. Policy


Inspection Officers Visits

Nominal List

Statement of Health and Safety Policy

Procedure in Case of Fire

Record of Fire Training Form

Administration Policy of DH07, DH08, DH09

Procedure for Missing Persons with Forms

Procedure for Accidents and Accident Forms

Guidelines of Violent/Untoward Incident with Forms

Procedure in the Event of a Death

Sick Notice

Depot Injections Chart

Telephone Policy

Menu Policy and Menus

Weight Form

Vital Signs Form (TPR BP)

Satellite Medication Flowchart

Care Plan Guidance and Flowchart

Environmental Health Food Fact File

Food Ordering Forms

Repair Form

Day/Night Handover Form


Special Payments Form

Adult Protection