All information regarding clients or other parties must be recorded in the appropriate place, i.e. Care Notes, Staff Files, Diary, Computer Files. No information should be left unattended or in a place where others can view the information. Any Computer Files should be consistent with the Data Protection Act.

All records must be current, accurate, legible and appropriate at the time of writing or recording.

Only those who have a right to access information should be able to view it. Any unauthorised viewing is contrary to policy and a disciplinary offence. Any outside agency or internal employee must identify who they are and the reasons for their interest in the information

Any statement, verbal, written, sign language must be consistent with the need of that information and information should not be given outside of that need. All staff should be aware of the need for confidentiality and be sensitive to whom and why the information is given

Where information is given which is relevant outside of inter-personal communication, the individual giving the information to the other person must be made aware of the fact that the information will be given to any appropriate individual or organisation.

All records that carry confidential information should be stored securely and where appropriate, locked in a room or cupboard which has access only to those whom have authority to hold a key or enter that area.