Powerpoint Short Courses

1. Health and Safety

2. Moving and Handling

3. Food Hygiene and Management

4. Promote Communication with Individuals where there are Communication Difficulties

5. Promote Effective Communications and Relationships

6. Safeguarding, Contribute to the Protection of Individuals from Abuse

7. Receive. Transmit and Store Information

8. Maintaining Contact in Isolating Circumstances

9. Establish, Sustain and Disengage from Relationships with Clients

10. Support Individuals Experiencing a Change in their Care Requirements and Provision

11. Equality, Diversity Rights and Confidentiality

12. Help Clients to Access and Use Toilet Facilities

13. Personal Hygiene and Appearance

14. Enable Clients to Achieve Physical Comfort

15. Contribute To The Development And The Effectiveness Of Teams

16. Develop Ones Own Knowledge And Practice

17. Contribute to the Development, Provision and Review of Care Programmes

18. Prepare, Implement and Evaluate Agreed Therapeutic Activities

19. Enable Individuals to Find Out About and Use Services and Facilities

20. Support Clients who are Substance Users

21. Support Individuals and Others Through the Process of Dying

22. Supporting and Encouraging the Mother in Active Parenting in the First Ten Days of Babies Lives

23. Contribute to the Protection of Children from Abuse