Template Dismissal – Care Certificate showing how the evidence can support a case for dismissal


Dear___________________ ,

Thank you for your email about the incident of breach of confidentiality. You confirmed that you told a contractor about issues that were of serious content and therefore required full confidentiality.

I have firstly checked through your training file to ensure that adequate training in this matter was given.

Standard 6 has several sections on confidentiality, and you read the work book and completed the multiple choice training, getting 27/27 which is 100% answered you answered correctly on confidentiality. In that standard they are questions 10,11,12,14,15,16,26,27,28,29

In Standard 6 of the Care Certificate;

  • Meaning of Confidentiality
  • Legislation
  • Relationships
  • Information
  • Seeking Advice
  • Passing on Information
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Confidentiality in the work role
  • Confidentiality in day to day communication

Confidentiality is also covered in

  • Standard 1 Your Role
  • Standard 2 Personal Development
  • Standard 3 Duty of Care
  • Standard 5 Person Centred Care
  • Standard 10 Safeguarding Adults
  • Standard 14 Handling Information

I have also checked the booklets and confirm you have signed to say you have read these, and all the Care Certificate workbooks.

You received your Care Certificate on ____/____/____ as a result of participating in the programme on _____/____/____, which a great deal of previous experience, knowledge and certification.

I am satisfied that you have breached confidence and that that was not due to lack of knowledge, training or associated competence.

I am therefore unable to continue your employment due to the above circumstances and will send all appropriate forms and final salary to you as soon as it is processed.


Yours sincerely


John Eaton