Introduction to the Care Certificate, a brief overview of all the standards

The Standards enclosed in Book 1 are (1) Understanding Your Role, (2) Professional Development and (3) Duty of Care

The Standards enclosed in Book 2 are (4) Equality and Diversity, (5) Person Centred Working, (6)  Communications and (7) Privacy and Dignity

The standards enclosed in Book 3 are  (8) Fluid and Nutrition, (9) Mental Health, Learning Disability and Dementia, (10) Safeguarding Adults

The Standards enclosed in Book 4 are (11) Safeguarding  Children, (12) Basic First Aid, (13) Health and Safety, (14) Handling Information, and (15) Infection Prevention and Control

Additional Care Certificate Candidate Portfolio Development.1. Multiple Choice Questioning (login: Username JET, Password Training)2. Introduction Competence Knowledge Testing3. Competence Knowledge Testing4. Reflective Accounts