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1st Week Induction

Introduction to the Care Certificate, a brief overview of all the standards

0.0 Care Certificate Introduction

The Standards enclosed in Book 1 are (1)Understanding Your Role, (2) Professional Development and (3) Duty of Care

The Standards enclosed in Book 2 are (4) Equality and Diversity, (5) Person Centred Working, (6)  Communications and (7) Privacy and Dignity

The standards enclosed in Book 3 are  (8) Fluid and Nutrition, (9) Mental Health, Learning Disability and Dementia, (10) Safeguarding Adults

The Standards enclosed in Book 4 are (11) Safeguarding  Children, (12) Basic First Aid, (13) Health and Safety, (14) Handling Information, and (15) Infection Prevention and Control

The Standard enclosed in Book 5 is Competence Testing

The Standards enclosed in Book 6 is 1-15 and Competence Testing Multiple Choice Questioning



Additional online Care Certificate Candidate Portfolio Development.1. Multiple Choice Questioning (login: Username JET, Password Training)2. Introduction Competence Knowledge Testing3. Competence Knowledge Testing4. Reflective Accounts