JET Training has highlighted areas of Essential Knowledge that care and support workers will need to ensure their practice is at the highest level. All topics ar based on need experience over time and forms a central point to gather that information.

Essential Knowledge in care and support provides the backbone of information that a care or support worker needs to carry out their role in their chosen field. It is used to increase the knowledge base for care/support workers who are not studying for further qualifications, and also to assist in answering associated questions when studying for qualifications, and also for background information when dealing with specific problems and issues.

It ensures best practice and links to the National Occupational Standards

Written in a simple but  accessible style, it covers areas of knowledge needed to meet most non medical situations that most care/support workers come across

Covering essential components of your role, the JET Essential Knowledge is both practical and comprehensive in its content, is and designed to equip you with the necessary skills for your role.

It provides

  • knowledge to provide the safest and most effective care/suipport possible
  • knowledge based guidance to ensure best practice that leads to the National Occupational Standards
  •  comprehensive coverage of care/support settings with an emphasis on your role in your sector
  • Includes information on accountability, communication skills, confidentiality and safety
  • Uses an accessible style, with definitions, illustraions and multiple choice questioning to aid understanding

This is an indispensable guide for all those training as care/support staff, as well as a useful reference library