Resource Modules

The JET 27 Modules  meet Diploma knowledge and understanding requirements. They cover required information with questioning to ensure competence in the subject.

Achieving Physical Comfort for Clients

Enable Clients to find Out about and Use Services and Facilities

Clients Personal Hygiene and Appearance

Enable Clients to Eat and Drink

Prepare Food and Drink for Clients

Promoting Effective Communication for Clients

Promote Communication where there are Communication Difficulties

Contribute to the Protection of Individuals from Abuse

Support Individuals when they are Distressed

Enable Individuals to Maintain Contact in Isolating Circumstances

Foster Peoples Equality, Diversity and Rights

Establish, Maintain and Disengage from Relationships with Clients

Prepare, Implement and Evaluate Agreed Therapeutic Activities

Support Clients who are Substance Users

Support Individuals when they are Distressed

Contribute to the Movement and Handling of Individuals to Maximise their Comfort

Promote Health and Safety in the Workplace

Recieve, Transmit, Store and Retrieve Information

Develop Ones Own Knowledge and Practice

Contribute to the Development and Effectiveness of Teams

Contribute to the Protection of Children from Abuse

Support Individuals Experiencing a Change in their Care Requirements or Provision

Care for a Baby during the First Ten Days of Life

Skill Force Certificate