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Advice and Information which has Validity, Accuracy, Currency, Suffiency and Relevance

Assess Develepment Needs Re – Organisational Objectives

Audit Shows Lack of Resources – Your Response

Assessment Feedback to Individuals

Anaylitical Techniques for Decision Making

Audit Shows Lack of Resources – Your Response

Barriers to Learning – Staff Example

Access To Records

Brief Legislation Relating to Health and Care Services

Continually Review Selection Process

Establish, Sustain and Disengage from Relationships

Develop, Provision, and Review of Care

Building Relationships

Selection Process for Deputy Manager

Life Stages Relating to Client Group

Facilitate Decision Making – Financial and Legal Affairs

Anaylitical Techniques for Decision Making

Formats for Qualative and Quantative Information

Importance of Clear Benefit Analysis re Evaluation

Quality Assurance Information Analysis

Selection Process Accurate Records and Confidentiality

Differentiating Fact from Opinion

Accessable Information in the Home

Staff Involvement in Quality Assurance Process

Recipient Understanding of Communication

Effective Methods of Collecting and Storing Information

Communication of Selection Decisions

Reasoned Case to Justify Decision Making

Methods of Managing Staff Rota to Meet Needs

Legal Requirement Re – RecruitmentLegal